Monday, July 29, 2013

Samyak bids adieu to Chennai

PSM monthly meeting on 20 July 2013 was different. There was nostalgia, camaraderie and audience participation in freewheeling discussions.

Friends in PSM were bidding adieu to Samyak, who is shifting to Pune after his five-year stint In Chennai and with PSM. Samyak spoke from his heart when presenting a selection of his photographs -- the best way for a photographer to relive his journey as a beginner, an earnest learner and achiever. What came through was his commendable passion and perseverance. What else can explain him perching on his mobike on a rainy night on GST Road, with his camera hand held steady for 17 seconds, to capture streaks of lightning against a dramatic violet sky?

With thousands of flamingo pictures under his belt already, Samyak’s urge to go beyond the usual made him an early riser on weekends and got him a fantastic portfolio of dreamy, surrealistic captures from Pallikkaranai, which he shared. His narration of how he planned his shot of the traffic log jam on a pot-hole filled neighbouring road (Times of India published it) was precise. Because he knew exactly what the photo had to communicate. Close encounters with Nature have made him a conservationist, sensitive enough to avoid intrusion - and an activist fighting poachers with his camera.

Samyak’s colleague, “buddy” and companion over many many trips, Rithwik scanned his 20,000+ photographic collection to put together a nostalgic album featuring Samyak, whom he called an excellent artist and art critic.
Epitome of Samyak

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Former President P Vivekanadam recalled their first meeting at a Saloon when he convinced Samyak to join PSM and Samyak’s steady steps forward as a photographer. 

Ramana Kumar urged Samyak to continue his association with PSM, possibly by starting a Pune Chapter. What followed was an extempore exchange of views and information on many technical and commercial aspects of photography.

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Thomas T Abraham  (A Nomadic Indian).  Exiting from a corporate job has given him greater opportunities for self-expression through travel, photography and writing. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and supporting causes that deserve it.