Saturday, April 12, 2014

Contemplative, in the fast lane

If his parents had their way, C P Satyajit would have been following the famous footsteps of the Dhananjays. Instead, he chose photography. He specialized in automotive photography at a time international majors were crowding India’s Motown with their dream machines. Call it a photographer’s sense of timing?

On what was his second coming to a PSM event, Satyajit shared the amazing results he has achieved, with utmost candor. Unlike magicians and most professional photographers, he revealed trade secrets and relative failures with remarkable self-confidence. 

Satyajit’s experimentations with boom sticks under ongoing improvisation is best described as taking engineering into his own hands. Yet, there is clarity on the need to win back credibility for advertising and photography. Common man has come to expect the play of photo shop in any image employed in advertising. Another interesting insight: He discourages clients and the creative guys from agencies when they suggest shooting automobiles bottom up. He recommends shots from eye level, so that from seeing the launch model in the ad, to seeing it in real life in the show room, is one seamless transition. Without any jerks that weaken credibility. 

Satyajit’s new tool at hand is Linhof Techno, a technical camera that captures an amazing degree of details and most importantly, helps him control, if not conquer, distortion. He “sold kits and two cars to buy this”, not because any client demanded it, but because Satyajit realized he will be short changing the subject, without it. The new camera is a process that cannot be compressed. With his eyes open, he traded convenience for results. The new camera has slowed down the action, allowing the photographer time to observe things, feels Satyajit.

For someone whom success has courted so early in his career, the idealistic streak showed up more than once. For someone who makes a living by shooting gleaming beauties on the fast lane, the love for a contemplative, anti-speed state of mind came through, not just when he indicated a possible detour in his life, some six or seven years into the future, into alleys that afford greater self actualization.

Before all that happens, you may walk into him at one of PSM’s photo walks - he is keen to participate. 

JAZZ X by Sathyajit

PAJERO by Sathyajit
Sathyajit's potfolio at ONE EYE LAND

Author: Thomas Abraham



  1. In a very short time,Satyajit shared with the audience lot of information, which will make one sit back and think for hours. It was indeed very nice of him to have shared his experience and knowledge without inhibition.
    Thank PSM for the nice program.

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