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About PSM

Photographic society of Madras was established in 1857AD and it is the 2nd oldest society of the world, after Royal Photographic Society (1843AD). Dr. Alexander Hunter and Walter Elliot co-founded PSM,  to amalgamate the Art of Photography with a band of passionate Photographers.

Walter Elliot 
Walter Elliot
Elite  European Photographers were members, and Dr. Hunter conducted photo salons for national and international photographers of yesteryear.Walter Elliot, was the First president of PSM, followed by Lord Harris (Governor of the Madras presidency) and later followed by Sir Charles Trevelyan. School of Industrial art (present Govt College of Fine Arts, Chennai) was the usual venue, where they met regularly and shared the art and science of photography.

Lord Harris
During First World War (1914AD), many British and Indian Photographers were called to take guns instead of Cameras. Following the poor membership and lack of good leader to lead, the society saw its decline. Two decades later A.Arunachalam, lawyer and avid photographer, re-registered the society in 1932, as Madras Amateur Photographic Society. Later it got its original name Photographic society of Madras.

Today PSM has around 300+ members, with eminent media personalies as members.

PSM regularly conducts
~ Photowalks
~ Photography Lectures & Classes
~ Photography Workshops
~ Photography Exhibitions
~ National & International Photography Salon
PSM members frequently travel together to wildlife sanctuaries, heritage sites, festivals and other places of photographic interest, making new friends and seeing new places while shooting fine photographs.

PSM has as its members, some of the finest photographers of India who are willing to share their tips and experiences and promote this art. PSM creates an opportunity for learning, exchange of ideas, appreciation of the art, exposition of the science, apart from having fun traveling and exploring. PSM provides the perfect platform to learn and practice photography as a hobby, passion or profession.

Recently PSM had become the proud Member of Photographic Society of  America.

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