Saturday, April 27, 2013

PSM Monthly Meeting - April 2013 - Lenses & Optics

Greetings from the Photographic society of madras.

April Monthly meeting for all PSM members is to be held on

Date: 27th April, Saturday,
Venue: Alumni Club - Anna University, (next to Boat Club) [map]
Time:  6.00 pm.

Many times we as passionate group of photographers think about the art form of photography and today in the digital era photography moves more towards to its science form . it is always useful for us to know more about the science and even more precisely the physics side of photography. It is very important that we should update our knowledge in various aspects of photography if we move to the next level.
So this month topic is Lenses & Optics

Mr. GnanasekaranThe guest speaker for the month is
Mr. Gnanasekaran ,
Dean , Mind screen academy.

? What the focal length ( i.e. 28 mm) does mean
? Why it is F 2.8 but not F 3
? Why panorama stitching best at the 50 mm
? What is the distinctive characteristics of Tele and wide angles lens
? Why my lens has so many distinctive markings and i don't know what it is for.

We urge members to present for this unique program and get the answers to all those quires you have from the expert.

Sunil Subramanian
Joint Secretary

Note: This meeting is Strictly for PSM members only.



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